What Documents Are Needed to Sell a House in Florida?

What Documents Are Needed to Sell a House in Florida?

What Documents Are Needed to Sell a House in Florida?

Selling your house is an exciting time! You’re packing up your items, figuring out moving logistics, and imagining how you’ll decorate your new home. 

Unfortunately though, one of the less exciting pieces involved with selling your home is all the paperwork involved. By the end of the home selling process, you can feel as if you’ve demolished a whole forest just to make enough paper for your transaction. 

Even though the necessary paperwork can vary from state to state, below are a couple of the documents to sell a house that you’ll need regardless of the state you’re in. 

Before You List Your House 

Before you list your home, you’ll need to provide paperwork to prove that your home is in good standing and that your home is going to be listed for an acceptable amount.

Some of these documents can include: 

  • Comparative Market Analysis - Is your home being listed for a price similar to other houses in the area?
  • Appraisal Sheet - If someone has come in to evaluate your home, should it be listed for more or less than other houses in the area?
  • Listing Agreement - Do you agree with what the house has been appraised for and plan to list it for that amount?

When Your House Is on the Market

After your house is on the market, you might need to add some additional documents to put potential buyers at ease. 

  • Pre Inspection Report - This will show potential buyers that your home is free of major issues or that there are some slight, but manageable, issues that need to be fixed. 
  • Mandatory Disclosures - This will include issues such as water damage or foundational issues. 

When a Buyer Makes an Offer

Once you’ve found a buyer who’s interested enough in your home to make an offer, you’ll want to check their finances. 

  • Purchase Offer and Counter Offer - You don’t have to accept the buyer’s first offer. You can negotiate for more money if you want.
  • Final Purchase Agreement - Once you and the buyer come to an agreement, you’ll have a final sales document.

Although selling your home can seem difficult, these are the main documents you’ll need to sell a house in Florida. If you need more help determining the paperwork you need, contact Home Buyer Tampa at 813-296-6200. We’ll help you sell your house fast!

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