We Will Buy Your Clearwater, FL House Now

We Will Buy Your Clearwater, FL House Now

We Will Buy Your Clearwater, FL House Now

If you’re currently in the market to sell your Clearwater, Florida home, you might be struggling to find enough interested buyers. More than likely, you have a certain time period in mind for when you’d like to close on your home. However, you should know there are different routes available to you when trying to sell your house that don’t involve your conventional realtor! 

At Home Buyer Tampa in Clearwater, we’ll buy your house and offer you cash upfront!

Why Let Us Buy Your House? 

Many homeowners put a lot of time and money into getting their home “ready for market.” Maybe you need to paint your walls a more conventional color, fix all your leaky faucets, or have a stain from the carpet removed. While these are all minor issues, sometimes homeowners will spend thousands of dollars and take weeks to fix up structural issues in the foundation of their home before they’re able to confidently put their house on the market. 

We’ll buy your house regardless of the issues in your home- they can be minor or major! We’ll view your home, take all of its issues into account, and then make you an offer based on our evaluation. You receive cash upfront and don’t have to pay any kind of closing cost. 

Save Time by Selling Your Home for Cash

Homeowners can show their house to a countless number of potential buyers before they manage to find the perfect one that’s willing to offer the price they’re asking for. Even then, filing the closing paperwork and signing over the title can take over a month (at minimum). Sometimes the home buyer will also want the seller to pay for certain issues to be fixed in the home before they’re willing to close. On top of all that, home sellers have to pay a closing cost to their realtor. 

Save yourself time as you’re trying to sell your home! We’ll buy your Clearwater home as-is and the process will go fast! Give us a call at 813-296-6200 and we can get started on buying your house today.

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