How to Sell Your House in Brandon, FL Without Spending Any Money

How to Sell Your House in Brandon, FL Without Spending Any Money

How to Sell Your House in Brandon, FL Without Spending Any Money

Selling your house on your own can frequently seem like a daunting proposition. On the one hand, you don’t want to pay the average broker fee of 6 percent. But on the other, brokers possess both marketing and networking skills you simply don’t. It’s not that an FSBO house won’t sell. It’s that you’re going to find yourself spending more money during the process than you should. 

And it’s money you don’t need to be spending.

There are ways to sell your house quickly in Brandon without spending any money during the process. But it’s not as simple as putting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard. If you’re looking to sell your house quickly and maximize your return in the process, here are a few things to consider first.

1. Don’t Underprice Your House

Homebuyers are a lot savvier than you think. What’s more? They’re frequently working with an agent as well—one who is looking after their own fees and commissions. And that agent’s job is to find the best price for a buyer; at an ultimate cost to you. There’s a strong chance you’ll eventually have to negotiate. Just make certain it’s at a price that’s fair for you.

2. Listing Through MLS—Is It Worth It?

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a database established by brokers to provide data about houses for sale. It’s essentially a feed that lists your house through all of the major real estate sites; and while many charge a nominal flat fee, it gives your listing the widest exposure to potential buyers. Unfortunately, most of these buyers will also be working with their own brokers. Remember; if you’re selling your house without a realtor, you’re at the mercy of a buyer’s agent. Be prepared for a drawn out process of negotiations, paperwork and endless tours that lead nowhere.

3. Free Advertising for Your Open House

It’s not uncommon for many FSBO houses to be listed on free neighborhood classified sites such as Craigslist and Nextdoor. One thing you may have noticed more of recently are virtual tours being offered on YouTube. The downside to these methods is that you can frequently find yourself being asked by prospective buyers to schedule a tour at times entirely inconvenient for you only to discover they had no intention of buying after all! It’s better to use free sites to advertise an open house over a weekend. Not only is it easier on your schedule, but it makes you look much less motivated to sell—a surefire way that leads to an endless bargaining process.

4. Stage to Sell

It’s been estimated that 67 percent of staged houses sell for much higher at resale. And while professional home stagers can cost you a pretty penny, you don’t have to rely on one to sell your house at the best price.

  • Start by removing any excess clutter, in particular household knick knacks and mementoes
  • Pay particular attention to bathroom and kitchen counters, the laundry room and your tabletops
  • Aim for minimalism when rearranging your furniture. The more open space, the better.
  • Always keep your curtains and drapes open to allow for plenty of natural light.

5. Work with a Qualified Home Investor

One of the most convenient things about working with property buying companies and house investors is that they’ll purchase your property as is, without the need for endless paperwork and time consuming pre-qualifications. And if you have a home that needs considerable renovation, this can be an ideal solution. If you’re interested in this route, give us a call today at 813-296-6200!

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